Our understanding of the skin microbiome, the community of organisms that live on our skin, has increased greatly in recent years. In this episode, Pr...View Details

Hair loss is extremely common, and though usually a natural process, it can still be very upsetting. In this episode, Dr Sharon Wong, a hair and scalp...View Details

Everybody sweats, but why? And at what point does sweating large amounts become a medical issue? In this episode, Dr Adil Sheraz answers all these que...View Details

Contact allergy, or allergic contact dermatitis, is a type of eczema which occurs when our skin makes contact with something that we are allergic to. ...View Details

Dr Emma Craythorne explains the ins and outs of rosacea. This chat covers how it differs from acne, how to isolate and manage your triggers, and commo...View Details

A very common, but too often unspoken, aspect of having a skin condition is the impact it can have on your mental health and your enjoyment of everyda...View Details

Acne is often considered a skin disease of adolescence, but that is not reflective of many people's experience of it. This week we're joined by Dr Anj...View Details

Episode 2 of Dermatologically Tested explores the world of anti-ageing and cosmetic products with Dr Bav Shergill, a past-president of the British Cos...View Details

Episode 1 of Dermatologically Tested looks at COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of dermatologists and dermatology researchers, featuring intervie...View Details

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